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Immediate and flexible
child care
english speaking
in Seefeld since 1990
Säntisstrasse 5, 8008 Zürich
Tel.: +41443821012

Bring your kid whenever you need
for an hour or more
for a day or more
Call us before you come!
We learn, laugh and play
and every kid gets love and attention!
all little monsters 3 months and older
school kids are welcome too
open the whole year
mo - fr
7:30am - 6pm
(extra hours on inquiry)
great atmosphere
great care
very flexible
no advance payments

Zurich needs more flexible child care and less rigidly regulated Kitas!
More flexible places make it easier for working and non-working parents
who need time off once in a while,
or for emergency cases where immediate child care is needed.

Please sign the petition below and spread it to family and friends.
We need as many signatures as possible if we want a change in Zurich!